Entry Fee $50 per team/boat which includes big fish pot 
80% payback per Tournament    100% Big Fish Payback
Last year's Classic paid out over $3,200
There may be product giveaways/drawings at the tournaments
$5 set aside for big fish per boat from the entry fee included
80% payback per tournament/percentage set aside for the Classic unless its a fundraiser
Payback is 1 place per 5 entries/boats up to 8 places
There will also be $100 prize to the winner of the big bass of the year.  This person/team must qualify and fish the Classic, and must be present at the classic event to collect prize or the prize is awarded to the next participant with the next biggest fish for the year.
Each person/boater must fish at least 5 tournaments in order to qualify for the classic.
Kids 15 and under by the Classic date, may qualify with 2 tournaments total.
For the Classic The tournament waters Pamunmkey, York, Mattaponni Rivers shall be off limits from 12:01am the Tuesday preceding the tournament until the tournament blastoff. People MAY NOT SOLICIT INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE TOURNAMENT WATERS DURING THE OFF-LIMITS PERIOD. People may not have the assistance of any non-competitor for the purpose of locating or catching fish on the competition day. Any competitor found guilty of violating the off limits period will have their catch disqualified.  You may not have a boat on the waters during this time.

Todd Long   Cell (804) 677-9451
Tony Long     Cell (804) 332-1117


Sunday, March 24th Lake Gaston Pea Hill Landing-7am - 2pm​
Sunday, April 7th Pamunkey River - Williams Landing - 7am - 12 noon
Sunday, April 14th Kerr Lake - Rudds Creek Landing - 7am - 2pm
Sunday, May 5th Pamunkey River, Williams Landing 6 am to 12
Sunday, May 19th James/Appamattox River, Hopewell Landing 6 am to 12
Sunday, June 2nd Pamunkey - Williams Landing 6 am to 12
Sunday, June 16th Chickahominy River, Riverfront Park Landing 6 am to 12  
Sunday, June 30th Kerr Lake - Rudds Creek Landing 6 am to 2
 Sunday July 21th Pamunkey River, Williams Landing 6 am to 12
Sunday, August 4th Pamunkey River, Williams Landing 6 am to 12

Sunday, August 18th James/Appamattox River Hopewell Landing 6 am to 12
Sunday September 1st Pamunkey River, Williams Landing 6 am to 12 

Classic-Sunday Sept 15th 7 am to 1 pm Pamunkey River
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Kids under 16 years of age weigh your biggest bass of the tournament for a chance to win Kids Big Fish