Pamunkey Mini Series Corporation
 Below are the rules and regulations for the 
Pamunkey Bass Miniseries Tournaments
A 1 time for the year 5$ fee to help with expenses for people 16years and older, under 16yrs no fee

1.  Entry fees are paid during registration at the tournament site.  RAMP FEE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

2.  Registration starts 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour prior to blastoff, and ends 15 minutes to blastoff!  Boat position is determined by drawing a number at registration; the highest position calls the numbers at blastoff. 

3.  There is a 4 fish limit per boat, 12 inch size limit, if on a lake, lake rules with no fish under 12 inches.  A short fish will throw out the fish in question as well as your team's largest fish.  Our board makes the deciding rule.  The big fish will break all ties.

4.  Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass only.  All boats must have a working aerated live well to fish.

5.  4 oz. penalty for every dead fish, this will be deducted from the team's total weight.  If you bring more than 4 fish to the scales your team will be disqualified.

6.  NO culling after the boat has been beached or after you trailer your boat for the weigh-in.

7.  Artificial bait only / no trolling.
8. 50-foot distance from an anchored tournament boat must be maintained.
9.  Contestants may fish anywhere water is accessible by boat from the landing, however private pits on the river locked to the public are off limits for fairness to other competitors.

10.  All contestants must have a personal flotation device on when the boat is on plane only.

12.  Any protest must be made during the weigh-in period.  EVERYONE must follow ALL Va Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries rules & regulations.

13.  Any team involved in unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.

14.  The directors may make announcements when necessary prior to blastoff.  The directors can also     refuse any applicant from fishing the tournament events. No fee for Director.
15.  No alcohol is permitted during the tournament hours.
16.  Any participant(s) may be required to take an unannounced polygraph test.
17.  If a tournament is canceled due to bad weather or any similar reason, it will not be re-scheduled unless it is the Classic.  (Please refer to website homepage for any cancellations.)  For any delays the directors may hold the event back until it is safe to launch or for other reasons, and the tournament may or may not be moved.

Every Boater/non boater/Co-angler must fish 5 tournaments to qualify for the Classic.
18.  A person may waive 1 tournament and buy into the Classic.  They will be responsible for the missed $50 entry fee per person and must sign the waiver/entry form for record purposes.  Kids 15 and under by the Classic date, may qualify with 2 tournaments total. 

19. There is a "NO Prefishing rule or obtaining info about the fishing conditions or the body of water from anyone rule" for the Classic from the Tuesday before till the Classic Date.
The tournament waters shall be off limits from 12:01am the Tuesday preceding the tournament until the tournament blastoff. People MAY NOT SOLICIT INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE TOURNAMENT WATERS Pamunkey, York, Mattaponni Rivers.  DURING THE OFF-LIMITS PERIOD. People may not have the assistance of any non-competitor for the purpose of locating or catching fish on the competition day. Any competitor found guilty of violating the off limits period will have their catch disqualified  That includes joy riding on these waters!

Todd Long H (804) 595-0120  C (804) 677-9451
Tony Long C (804) 332-1117